Birthday Girl!

It's my brown-eyed girl's 11th birthday! When we lived in The South, March 4th always marked the day that the daffodils bloomed. Clearly, we are not even close to blooming here, although despite the fact that we have had some 50+ days of below zero (Fahrenheit) temperatures this winter, the Farmer's Almanac is predicting a turn toward spring.  I love the Farmer's Almanac.  How can they always be right?  As you can see, we are attempting to bring some spring into our day with our brand new spring birthday outfit (Thanks, Aunt Rita!) and this very spring-like gum cake!  A Sugar Free Gum Cake is as close to dessert as school allows.  Leave it to Arielle to make a more beautiful cake than her mother!

You can get some step by step instructions HERE!

And as long as we are reminiscing, How about this sweet photo of Arielle and Ella?
They were little flower girls in cousin Sherah's LightHouse Oregon Coast Wedding.
For the record, I am so glad I bought the dresses.

These sisters still share a room.
I think I finally tossed the sippy cups.  Last year.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

You are so very precious to me!



Happy Happy 11th Birthday to Arielle!

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