Dr. Seuss Snacks!

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.  I admit it.  I love Dr. Seuss!  A collection of these sing-song-y rhymes was the first thing I put on the bookshelves of our very first baby nursery.  Four kids later, I now have talents that include being able to recite The Cat In The Hat from memory!

In honor of the late great Dr. Seuss (He would have been 107 on March 2nd) we are making these cute snacks!  Absolutely no skill or talent required!

Simply start with a box of blue Jell-O.....

and divide into four clear plastic cups.
(The fish have to have a place to swim!)

After the Jell-O has set, have the kids add their own fish!  (Swedish Fish, that is!)

Ella's kindergarten class gets a Dr. Seuss party after they have collectively read 107 books!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!


Jenny said…
3rd place, Rachel?! Wow!!! I don't have your contact info, so just had to write here. Congrats!!
Unknown said…
I saw these on pinterest... I'm totally gonna have to make this for my daughter, since we've read this book so many times I think the pages have wear marks on them!
Unknown said…
I love this idea, I found it on Pinterest, and so glad I did. I'm planning to make it this week with my son, he'll get a kick out of it!
I featured it in a Dr. Seuss post this evening, check it out...
(there's an I've been featured button you can grab too)
Kim Vij said…
This is such a simple but fun idea, thanks for sharing. I've included it in our Little Hands that Cook with Books with Dr. Suess.
Clare said…
My daughter happens to have snack for her class on Friday (Dr. S's b-day) and we are so making these!
I hope you don't mind that I shared your idea on Pinterest:
*If it is a problem please email me and let me know:

So cute. Thanks for sharing the idea!
Laura said…
Thanks for sharing the idea. I am making these for my preschool class (with a couple extra for my own kids.)
Jonah said…
I also found it on pinterest! Thank you so much for this idea, it is really great. We are having it for dessert for Dr. Seuss's birthday tonight. It is perfect because my husband's birthday is next friday and mine is a week after that, we don't want too much cake in March but I wanted something fun and special for my kids today. Dr. Seuss made my childhood so magical, thanks for helping me share that magic with my own kids!
Unknown said…
Found these on Pinterest and I'm definitely going to make them for my little girl's first birthday party which is Dr. Seuss themed. Thanks for the idea!!
Just wanted to let you know I'm featuring this tomorrow night :)
BollingWith5 said…
How far in advance do you think I can make the jello cups? (minus the fish?) I will add those at the last minute. bollingwith5@gmail.com
You can definitely make them a day or two before as long a you add the fish when it's time to serve!
Unknown said…
Included this great idea in my Dr. Seuss First Birthday post earlier this month. Here's the link, it's a great idea! http://incredibleinfant.com/first-birthday/dr-seuss-birthday-party-ideas/
Unknown said…
I made this last year for my daughters preschool Dr Seuss party! It was a big hit!! But I forget how many can be made with one box...I was thinking I may need 2 boxes of jello for a dozen kids? What do you think?
Unknown said…
This is a great idea

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