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Glimpses Week 38 | The Block Party

Here's a glimpse into our lives this week.  Tonight I took the kids to a church block party complete with carriage rides and a petting zoo!  Fortunately the horse, the llama, the alpaca and especially the goats, were unsuccessful in their attempts to eat my iPhone!  Note to self:  Next time I take the kids to a petting zoo, remove the green grass Lily Pulitzer iPhone case!

Glimpses Week 37 | Team Spirit

One of the benefits of being being back on home turf - we are finally able to use our season tickets! Of course, after fourteen years of waiting, we had to buy more tickets so that the whole family can attend!

Streusel Cupcakes

We had a monumental week.  My kids took the bus to school for the first time.  Ever.  I realize that this is a common, everyday occurrence in most households across America, but for me this was a first.  To help you understand just how monumental this event was in my life, you must know that I have driven the kids to school everyday for the past eleven years.  That's how long at least one of my four children has been attending school.  He's now a high school freshman. The kids, of course, were fine.  They chatted, they read, they slept, they even did their homework!  They were the ones who had to peel back my tightly gripped fingers and say, "Mom, it's fine!" So I've traded in my tight grip for more time.  During those extra three hours which I have spent driving the kids to and from their new school, I might even have more time for unpacking. And exercising. And blogging. And baking!  Like these Streusel cupcakes for the Martha Stewart Cupcake Clu

Glimpses Week 36 | The Story of Hiawatha

I made a point of going on the first field trip of the year at our new school.  Here, the second graders read Longfellow's poem, Hiawatha.  I was grateful to be able to spend some mommy time with Ella and even managed to avoid the muddy paths which, ironically, bordered the  dry river beds.

Glimpses Week 34 | First Day of School

The first day of second grade and the kids don't have to wear uniforms!  It's a bittersweet scenario as a mom, but the kids couldn't be more thrilled.  At last - she gets to wear pink shoes to school!  Linking up to Chic Critique!

Blackberry Cornmeal Cupcakes

After our long distance move from the deep south to the far north, this was the very first thing I baked.  Blackberry Cornmeal Cupcakes.  These muffin-like cupcakes were a great treat to have on hand during the early commotion days of our move. Unlike southern cornbread, this "cupcake" was deliciously sweet.   The blackberries added an element of sweet and tart. Here's the earthy, grainy batter. The juicy blackberries are so big, you can only fit three in each tin. The blackberries and cornbread are a successful combination. On Martha's website, you can see it implemented in a cake! I liked that idea and will try it next time! You can find the RECIPE  on Martha's website! Thanks to my northern PEEPS for showing up for me and helping me unpack! Janet, Sonja and Pam, I couldn't have set up my kitchen without you!! xoxo Rachel