Dog Dish Cake

Yesterday was Labor Day.  The Official last day of summer.  I apologize for my unplanned blogging vacation.  Please forgive me!  I'm blaming it on our move north.  This is why.  When I lived in The South, summer would come and I would secretly dread it.  Legs sticking to car seats, ice cream that couldn't make it from the grocery store to home, taking the kids to the pool every day and being forced to don a swim suit, ninety days of pony tails.........  It was too hot to go for walks.  Too hot to go to the park. I was completely happy spending my days inside blogging, longing for October when I could finally open a window and breath some fresh air.

Not here. Somewhere between July and August we hit the perfect days of summer.  It's not that I stopped doing anything blog-worthy, it's just that I stopped spending time posting it.  In fact, I stopped checking my email, never looked at Twitter and even, much to my children's chagrin, overlooked an  important event or two. Summer here creates a certain urgency. I simply needed to breath in every magical day of summer before it was too late!

In July, our dog had a birthday. We had a party. With presents. And a doggie friend. And cake. Is that wrong?  The cake was just for the humans.  Our dog can't eat cake.  He has IBS. It's not pretty.

We humans, however, we love cake! This dog dish bowl was a snap to make!  First, bake the cake of your choice in a large pyrex bowl.  Make sure you grease it with cooking spray.

Next, invert the cake onto a large platter.
Using a paring knife, carve out a "dish" that's about an inch deep.

Frost it completely.  Pipe another layer of frosting along the base.

Fill your dog "dish" with Cocoa Puffs.
Isn't it weird how Cocoa Puffs look just like dog food?
Somehow, it doesn't deter the kids from eating them!

Decorate your bowl. 
I piped letters and bone shapes with melted chocolate onto parchment and then placed it on the bowl.
This way, you are guaranteed perfection!

I'm glad to be back!


Unknown said…
I can't believe how cute and realistic this looks - great job! I'd be thrilled if you'd come on over to Pink Recipe Box and link up at Creative Wednesdays:
Unknown said…
What a creative idea! I love it! I bet the Cocoa Puffs on top tasted great with the cake too!
Mila said…
Awesome. For all the Cujo's out there ;)
Unknown said…
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