Mandarin Orange Pumpkins


I admit that I've been out of touch with the blogging world lately as I've been packing and unpacking my entire life. This school year I've given myself permission to just say no.  I'm not room mom or PTA member.  I'm not team mom or fundraising chair. I've not even signed the girls up for extra curricular activities (until this week, that is!) So please excuse me if I'm the only one who has not seen this cute, easy idea all over Pinterest!

These cute little mandarin orange containers showed up at the second grade book week party on Friday.  It was the party at which I volunteered to help, but didn't volunteer to bring anything!  Our new school has a health initiative which means NO CUPCAKES!  WAAAHH!!  I made my mandarin orange pumpkins a little more orange by using the oranges-in-jello cups.   Draw on the face of your choice with a Sharpie.

Wouldn't your little goblin just love one of these in their lunch?


Britni said…
No cupcakes? Sad! Thanks for sharing this healthy alternative on the weekend re-Treat link party.

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