Bunny Cupcakes at Gigi's

I was doing a little cupcake shopping today at  Gigi's Cupcakes when I ran across these adorable Bunnies!  
Little pink and white fondant ears top yellow cupcakes with pink frosting swirls.

Turn them around and you can see the cute mini-marshmallow cotton tail!

Not in the mood for bunnies?  How about Key Lime?

Or Hunka Chunka Banana Love?  
Their menu changes daily.

What's not to love about a cupcake?


That bunny is too cute- and the hunka chunka reminds me of the cherry-dipped soft serves at Dairy Queen. (Very appealing!)
They do look like those delicious dipped DQ cones! I asked the bakers how they made them and they said they freeze the banana frosted cupcake and then dip it in a chocolate ganache. MMMMMM!
Janet said…
Happy Birthday, Simple Girl!
I love that bunny cupcake!!
Thanks for your comment about the applique shirts I did! Yeah, I probably could have done it without the Silhouette, but you're right, I needed the Silhouette! :)

How ironic! I went to Gigi's today! I got their last Easter cupcake-- coconut cake with coconut icing, green coconut shavings on top for grass, and 3 jelly beans for eggs. It was too cute! My fave cupcake is carrot cake. Yum!
Danyelle said…
The bunny cake is too cute and the tail cracks me up. I wish we had a cupcake shop in my town, we have plenty of ice cream places though.
The bunny cupcake is the cutest!! Love it!
I would love for you to share it at my linky party @ {nifty thrifty sunday}!

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