Happy Birthday, Perry!

Happy Birthday, Dear Husband!

I don't know why I feel obligated to dig up some cute old photo of my husband each year on his birthday.  Perhaps it's because not many exist.  (That's what happens when you are the baby of a large family.)  Perhaps it's because he won't think I love him if I don't embarrass him just a little.  Perhaps it's just to check and see if he's actually reading my blog!

I particularly like this toothless grin, since our daughter, Arielle, who looks just like him, has recently sported a similar smile.  Notice the detail in the dress.....turtleneck, vest, sports coat and pocket scarf.  I'm thinking beatnik/Early Beatles.  But cuter.  Much, much cuter!  I color adjusted this water stained photo for skin tones, and still came up with a magenta shirt.  What can I say?  He's always been man enough to wear pink!!

Feel free to leave your birthday greetings in the comment section below!


Armorguy said…
Happy Birthday, Perry!

Jason Massie said…
WOW, now I see that your babbies' daddy really is Perry! Just kidding. Have a great birthday Perry!

Unknown said…
It's like looking at Arielle with really short hair!
Have a great birthday!
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday "baby" brother!! Have a great day and may God bless you abundantly.

Big hug,

From your "big" (not to be confused with "tall") sister (and Brian, too)! :o)
Janet said…
Happy, Happy Birthday Perry! Love the picture and the ensemble!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday Perry, with your Simply Wonderful Girl and Kids.

Real men do wear pink.
Unknown said…
Happy birthday Perry...and many more...!! I have to agree that that photo is definitely a masculine Arielle...and yes I do remember the turtleneck was actually...red! I pray God bless you in every area this year...I love you! Rita

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