Chocolate Chip Cupcakes {MSC}

Martha Stewart's Chocolate Chip Cupcakes were the perfect Valentine's treat!  They seemed so perfect, in fact, that I had to increase the recipe!  I needed 24 for the fourth grade party, 6 for our family Valentine's dinner and 6 for a Birthday Treat at my husband's office.  That makes 36 in all.  The recipe said it made 30, so according to my calculations, I needed to multiply all the ingredients by 1.2!

This, my dear children, is why you need to stay in school.  
Who knew algebra had such a practical application?

There were two additional reasons I was so excited about this recipe.  First of all, I had an opportunity to use up the Cake Flour for which I had searched high and low before the Snickerdoodle Cupcake endeavor,

and SECONDLY, I would have a chance to use these BEAUUUUTIFUL red glassine cupcake liners which my Sister-in-law bought me for Christmas.  Can you see how they just glow in the light?  I'm telling you, she buys the BEST presents!

I'll have to admit, going into this assignment, I thought it would be a no brainer.  Little did I know I would have to pull out ALL my bowls!  (Have I mentioned what a fan I am of Martha's One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes???)  Clockwise you can see:   
  1. Creamed butter and sugar  
  2. Sifted dry ingredients
  3. Liquids of milk and vanilla
  4. Six stiff-peaked egg whites
I never know what to do with all those leftover egg yolks.  
Today I decided to cook them up and feed them to the dog.

Friend for life, I tell you!

But back to the many bowls!

The first three ingredients were combined alternately and then the egg whites were folded in.  Considering it had egg whites and cake flour, I was surprised by how heavy and stiff the batter was!

The last step was to toss the chocolate chips with some flour before adding them to the batter.  The directions said it prevents all the chocolate chips from sinking to the bottom - an interesting tip I may have to remember in future applications!

Here you can see the stiff batter before - 

And after it baked!

Since it was Valentine's Day, I decided to pipe out some white chocolate squiggly hearts with which to top the cupcakes.  I substituted a chocolate cream cheese frosting for the dark chocolate that was listed.  I used the dark chocolate frosting a couple weeks ago when I tried the Salted Caramel Mini Cupcakes and thought it was a bit to dark for the 10-year old crowd.

All-in-all it was a delicious, crowd pleasing cupcake.
Thanks to Rebecca at The Baking Sisters for this month's selection!

You can find the recipe at Martha's Website.

To view more delicious cupcakes, visit The Martha Stewart Cupcake Club!


Vegan reviews said…
Love the chocolate hearts :) Very nice!
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness. I LOVE your doggie. Your cupcakes look gorgeous! I love the way you did your little hearts on top of that pretty little dollop of chocolate frosting. ;)
Did you taste the cupcake? I didn't get one (made exactly 20, doing 3/5 recipe, lol!) Was it light or more muffin like?

Love your pics! Your hearts came out well- did you use candy melts? I'm still getting the hang of this melting chocolate thing.
Rebecca said…
Yours are stunning and I love the chocolate hearts. Sorry about all the bowls, but thanks for baking along anyway.
holly said…
Those wrappers are so vibrant and bright-I love them :) Awesome job!!!!
Vivian Thiele said…
nice piping job on the chocolate hearts! these look amazing
Janet said…
Waiting for my car to get fixed was rather pleasant, once I saw your latest culinary creation! I just ordered CAKE flour w/tomorrow's grocery order for MS Strawberry Cupcakes for our teacher lunch this week. I'll make dark chocolate lace hearts for the garnish. Of course I had to do a practice round the other day to be sure I can still make 'em. ;-)
And I totally forgot to mention in my post that I got the chocolate lace heart idea from you! Send me a photo of your cupcakes. I'm sure they'll be beautiful!
Great pictures, your cupcakes look great too. See you next month!
rebecca -
I did think the cupcakes were a little more muffin-like, but still tasted delicious. I did use white chocolate candy melts. I just melt mine in a quart/gallon (depending on how much you are doing) freezer bag in the microwave and squish the bag every 30 seconds or so until they are melted. Then I make a small snip in one of the bottom corners and use the bag for piping. If it starts to harden, you can just put the whole bag back in the microwave for a few seconds.
Roadtrek Girl said…
Just stunning-perfect Valentine Day's cupcakes-and those white chocolate hearts were the perfect finishing touch, nice job.

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