Cake Bites with School Spirit Toppers

When I was asked to bring goodies to our school's annual open house, my first thought was something small and something delicious - Brownie Bites!

But try as I may, I couldn't seem to get them out of the pan in one piece!

I thought mini-cupcake papers would do the trick, but the brownies stuck to them, too!

On the bright side, my kids saw the silver lining in my misfortune!

Alas, a batch of mini chocolate cupcakes slipped right out of the prepared pan.

I topped the mini cupcakes with star-tipped swirls of home-made cream cheese icing and 
sprinkles in the school colors of red, white and blue.

The toppers were easy to make.  I just printed enlarged school initials on cardstock
(that was my son getting fancy with the center one), 
cut them into squares and taped a toothpick on the back.

Given more time, I would have backed the initial with a larger red piece of paper.  This would cover the toothpick from the back side and provide a red frame for the initial.  Unfortunately, I had already used up all my time on the multiple batches of brownies!

So here they are..... simple, sweet and delicious!


Janet said…
They look great and better than what you'd buy ready-made!
B is for Beautiful {minichocolate} Bites!

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