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My interpretation of this week's challenge lies somewhere between Innocent Wonder and Shock and Awe!  I don't know who was more surprised at the giant catch - My five year old daughter, Anna, or the 10-pound catfish!  We captured this shot with an old cell phone camera and retrieved it recently for Anna (now in fourth grade!) as she wrote a descriptive essay on this historic event in her life.  Her face in this photo tells it all.

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My Ten Pound Catfish
By Anna

        I’ll never forget the time I caught a ten-pound catfish!  I was five years old when I went fishing with my dad, my sister, Arielle, and my brother, Samuel.  My dad drove the boat to our lucky spot.   I baited my hook with a nice big, fat, juicy, live night crawler.   My dad cast my line right under the dock for me.
 My dad saw the line moving across the water.  He said to me, “Anna, hold on to your pole tightly!”  Suddenly, I felt one big, rough tug!  I could hear the line whirring as it pulled out of the reel. “Daddy, it’s a huge one!” I screamed.  Samuel ran toward me with the net.  The water turned from calm to murky.  I saw a tail splashing water everywhere!  The pole started flailing back and forth.
I started reeling the line in as fast as I could.  It was just myself against the fish.  With all my might I pulled the fish toward the boat.   Then I saw the gigantic fish.  Samuel scooped it up in the net, and I caught it.  I was astounded.  It weighed in at a scale-breaking ten pounds!  I was amazed that my small sunfish hook could hold it!
I demanded that we take my prize catfish home.  I showed my mom, and we took lots of pictures.  We decided to eat my catfish.  My dad cleaned it.  My mom cooked it and we put it on a special tray.  Then, I tried it.  Guess what?  I didn’t like it!
I still can’t believe I actually caught such an enormous fish.  It will be a story that I’ll never forget.  This memory is what keeps me going back for more.  It’s the lure of the big fish!


Nice essay and picture! I can't believe how absolutely ginormous that catfish is, Anna! Way to go! I hope we can break your record this summer.
Tamar SB said…
Great pic and great story!

Unknown said…
What a great photo and an amazing moment for her to remember! Wow, I can't believe that she caught such a huge fish too. It's almost as big as she is! Talk about beginner's luck :)
Jen said…
Rachel...love the essay and the photo. My gosh...it's huge! :)

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