Igloo Cake

When we woke up this morning to a SNOW DAY, I had two thoughts of how I could spend my day.  One, start off the New Year right and clean out the laundry room, or two, celebrate the snow by making this fun igloo cake with the kids!  As you can see, the latter won out!

I spotted this cake in a recent edition of Food Network Magazine.  It really is relatively easy to make!

First, divide the cake batter of your choice into two pans - a round 8" pan and a glass dome-shaped bowl.  Line the round pan with parchment for easy removal and spray the bowl with Pam.

We used Martha Stewart's delicious One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes recipe, but any cake mix would work.

Next, heat one pound of white chocolate in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds until completely melted.  Spread the chocolate in a thin layer on a parchment lined rimmed baking sheet.  Sprinkle with sanding sugar.  Cool in the freezer for 10 minutes until solid.

Next, make a batch of cream cheese frosting, like we did, or open a can of frosting and tint it light blue.
Layer the bowl cake on top of the round cake with frosting in between.

Trim the bottom to fit, if necessary, and attach either a cupcake (which we had in the freezer) or two doughnut halves for the entrance.

If you use a cupcake, slice one side so it sits flat when on its side.

Frost the entire igloo with light blue frosting.

Next, break the white chocolate into 1/2 inch  - 1 inch pieces.  (The smaller pieces work better.)
Stick the chocolate on like a mosaic.  The kids thought this part was the most fun!

Frost some ice cream cones with green frosting for trees and sprinkle everything with a light dusting of powdered sugar snow.  The girls even added a path to the door!  It's almost too pretty to eat!  (But don't worry - Martha's One-Bowl chocolate cake with cream cheese icing and white chocolate is too good not to!)


What a wonderful way to celebrate your crazy weather...

Did you use white chocolate or candy melts? i never seem to have luck with melting white chocolate!
I used candy melts and I think the thinner you make the layer, the better the results!
Janet said…
It turned out great and now you have another day at home to enjoy it! :-)

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