Five Favorite Teacher Gifts!

With Christmas soon upon us, I put on my thinking cap for that perfect teacher gift - something thoughtful, yet something that wouldn't break the bank!  I came up with these five favorites.  Some of them I have given in the past, and some they just might receive this year......

  • Clementines - ($4.99 - SuperTarget) Who wouldn't want a whole box of something called Cuties?  Tied with a red bow, this deliciously sweet, seedless citrus fruit is a healthy alternative to holiday sweets.  If nothing else, a bowl of them makes a great centerpiece!  My kids ate through this entire box in 2 days!

  • "Go Fish" Christmas CD - (  This fun acapella band from my home state of Minnesota made their mark with alternative Christian music for kids, but they definitely appeal to the adult crowd as well.  You can see their hit song, "Christmas With a Capital 'C'" on YouTube.  The first CD is $15 but all the rest are only $5!  (Plus FREE SHIPPING!) This is a great gift to buy in bulk.  Last year I gave it to over 20 teachers and staff!
  • Layered Mixes - (Make them for $1 - $5)   A one quart Mason Jar transforms into a beautiful and practical gift.  The beauty of it is, the receiver gets to bake the cookies when she wants them - and take all the credit!  There are many recipes on line, just google "Layered Mixes".  This an easy gift to make in bulk.  I'll post my favorite soon!
  • Soap! (6 for $20- Bath and Body Works)  I've always been a practical girl, but when practical and luxurious meet, it's a gift made in heaven.  Group two bottles of this delicious-smelling hand soap together in a cellophane bag for a festive presentation.  The best part?  Bath and Body works provides the wrapping!
  • Kitchen Candles - (Wait for the 2 for $20 sale at Bath and Body Works)  OK, maybe candles have gotten a bad rap when it comes to teacher gifts, but I burn my Kitchen candles from Bath and Body Works constantly!  They have some great seasonal scents. My personal favorites are Kitchen Spice and Cranberry Woods, but they have many more from which to choose!



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