Red, White and Blueberry Flag (Flop) Cake!

Every year we make a special Fourth of July dessert and this year was no exception.  The girls were paging through my copy of Food Network magazine when they came across THIS Flag Ice Cream Cake.  It looked easy enough. Red and white layers of ice cream topped with a blue layer of cake.  When you cut into the cake, each slice looks like a flag.  Very cool indeed. So I packed one springform pan for our trip up to the cabin and planned to get the ingredients once we arrived.  Guess what?  The further you get away from civilization, the less likely they are to have raspberry sorbet.  Plan B.

Forget the ice cream. What if I just made a layered flag cake? I smiled to myself as I considered this brilliant idea. I stopped at the local Target and guess what I found?  A white cake mix, a red velvet cake mix and, yes, a blue blueberry cake mix!

Once at the cabin, I baked the cake mixes, one at a time, in my one pan. Note the golden oak side table and the sliding glass doors.

A couple of notes: Read cake mix directions carefully.  If it says, "egg whites", it means that the color of the mix will change if you use the yolks. You've been forewarned.

Also, check the size of the cake mix.  For instance, the red velvet cake mix only made half a cake. I know. Crazy.

After baking the cakes, I decided to cut the red and white ones horizontally to create stripes.  I did this using the old dental floss trick. It works better than a big knife. I cut the little red cake in half and the larger white cake into thirds. My cake would have to be satisfied with five stripes.

Here's the layers:  First, place a white cake layer on a plate and top with cream cheese frosting.

Next, add a red velvet layer and more cream cheese frosting.

Add another white layer and more cream cheese frosting.
At this point, things are starting to look a bit ugly.

Here's what you do with the blue layer - leave it unsliced, but cut a circle in the middle. (Do you like the purdy plastic flowered dishes? Did I mentioned that we were at the cabin?)

Place the entire cake on top of the cake layers you have started. But don't flip it. That would cause the cake to fall apart and crumble into pieces. (Don't ask me how I know this.) And this is where the pictures stop. This is where I start screaming, "Somebody, help! Get some giant skewers to hold my cake in place! WAAH!!!"

If I had continued to take pictures at this point, you would have seen me cut equal sized circles out of the last two layers of red and white cake and insert them into the blue cake, adding cream cheese frosting between each of the layers. But I didn't take any pictures, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Here's my finished cake after I froze the cake and trimmed the edges.  
Frosting and blueberries cover a multitude of sins.
I like to think of it as rustic.

Here you can see the slice.
Good idea.
Poor execution.
Still delicious!


Most my desserts fall in the rustic category!

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