Sunset at the Beach

Yesterday I posted a serene sunset photo that I took during our beach trip last week.  It's beautiful.  It's lovely.  The problem?  It's just not, well, completely honest.  I mean, it's not that my girls aren't little angels, it's just that - OK, you'll see.  Here's how the evening really went........   

Having noticed the beautiful sunset, I quickly opened the girls' brand new dresses that had just arrived by mail.  I got the girls dressed and they looked lovely!  I was imagining the sunset photos already!

  We crossed the bridge to the beach.

The sunset was spectacular - all orange and pink and lavender.

Go stand by the edge of the water, girls!  I want to take a picture of your shadows!

Aahh, very nice!

Wait,  don't get your brand new dresses wet!

OK, that was a big wave!

Girls, you're too far out!  Your dresses are getting all wet!

Oh, no.  Mom caught us!

We'll be good, mom!  We promise!

Just Kidding!

Wet?  We're not wet!

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!


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