Pear Tree Haiku

I love the southern spring.  It's that brief inhale of freshness before the sultry summer oppresses our senses.  Of particular delight are the blossoming Bradford Pear Trees with their cottony white blossoms.  Against the deep blue sky, they almost give an infrared glow.  Their contrasting dark stems remind me of a Japanese painting and inspired this haiku:

Pear blossoms glowing
Like artists painting the sky
Sweetness fills the air

Happy Spring!


Unknown said…
Hi, Rachel. I love the photos of blossom trees you posted. Is there any chance I can get your permission to use one of them for my wall? Thank you!
Yes, you may use the blossom trees for your personal use! :-)
Unknown said…
I have been looking for photos of pear blossoms and came across these 3 and they are exactly what I have been looking for. Can I get your permission to use them for my office

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