Happy 80th Birthday, Nana!

Dear Nana,

It's hard to believe you are turning 80 today!  You are ageless.  You are timeless.  I don't think I can express how we feel about you better your own grandchildren can.  To them, you are as beautiful as a poem.  And even though you have set the bar on motherhood so high that no mere mortal could ever attain it, I love you anyway.  Thank you for all the ways you stay in our life.  I wish we weren't so far apart.  God bless you on your birthday and always.  Enjoy your day! 


My Nana
By Anna, Grade 3

I think that
Nana is the best grandparent ever.
The sound of a gentle voice -
this is Nana.
She is joyful, kind, and inspiring.
She is caring.
She is the taste of honey.
Flowers, freshness, and fruit
smell like Nana.
Being with Nana is like
 being with a big, loving heart.
She is beautiful.
When I think of her,
it is like thinking of heaven.
She is my big treasure chest
full of love.

By Samuel, Grade 3

Nana is extremely intelligent
And wise in the Bible.
The sound of crackling leaves 
remind me of Nana.
She is sweet as honey,
loving as a heart,
and caring as a teddy bear.
Nana is as beautiful as a flower
blowing in the wind.
Nana is the taste of pineapple.
Cookies, roses and mints
smell like Nana.
Being with her
is like an unending rollercoaster.
Nana is as gentle as a bird.
When I think of her
It is like the wonders of the world.
Nana is my grandma!


A Busy Nest said…
What a sweet post! Your cupcakes below are very pretty.
Unknown said…
Rachel, I was trying to post a comment yesterday but it sent you an email (there was no "post a comment" option. But there is today! I want you to know how much your beautiful, thoughtful and touching blog meant not only to my Mom, but our entire family. My Dad got very choked up seeing his beautiful bride and reading all you wrote. Mom was truly touched and humbled by all that you wrote, the poems, the photo's...and the fact that you took the time to to honor her on her 80th in such a personal way. Simply beautiful Rachel...thanks. Rita
Unknown said…
What a beautiful gift and treasure. Words are a timeless gift that last forever. Thank you for remembering our Mom (and your "Nana") in such meaningful and heartfelt way.

You all are pretty darned special, too!

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