100th Day of School Project

My daughter, Ella, has been talking with great excitement about the 100th day of school.  After having to postpone this great event, due to numerous snow days, it has finally arrived - TODAY, February 4th.

As usual, the kindergartners were asked to bring in 100 of something - one-hundred beads, one-hundred legos, one-hundred MatchBox cars....... you get the picture!  For this project, Ella's idea was to bring in one-hundred pictures!

With that in mind, I came across this great web-site with free software!  At Shapecollage.com, you can download for free the basic Shape Collage software.  Then, just choose from a variety of shapes, letters, numbers or create your own!  Simply drag your photos into the software and it will automatically arrange them for you into the shape of your choice.  If you only want to use one or a handful of photos, it will duplicate them to fill the necessary space.

This "100" Day project took us only a matter of minutes.  We used 100 photos of Ella (don't be surprised, but I only had to go back in my archives a few months to find that many! :-)) and we entered the number "100" for our shape.  I uploaded the image to Costco.com and enlarged the image to 12"x18" for just $2.99.  Even though the resolution warning sign came up on the enlargement, I thought the quality was perfectly fine, and would have made it even bigger.

Happy 100th Day of School, Ella!


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