Creme Filled Jumbo Cupcakes {MSC}

Another page in my journey through the Martha Stewart Cupcakes book, these should technically be called Creme Filled Standard-Sized Cupcakes.  This is not because I don't own a jumbo sized cupcake pan (I do), but because I was serving them to a class of second graders.  The occasion happened to be the second grade teacher's birthday, and I decided it would be no present to her if I gave all the kids jumbo sized cupcakes!

Trying to be a studious baker, I dirtied two bowls - one for wet and one for dry ingredients.  I added extra cocoa powder after reading comments that the recipe didn't seem chocolate-y enough.

Here's the combined batter.

-  and 24 four standard-sized cupcakes (vs. 12 jumbo).

The cupcake batter was heavy and resulted in a crackly top.

To fill the cupcakes, carve out the top and fill.  Replace the top.

Martha's recipe simply had a marshmallow creme  topping swirled on top.  I added an extra layer of chocolate frosting (should have used the glossy ganache!) and then swirled on the marshmallow creme.

It's like a Hostess Ding Dong, only way better!

You can find this recipe on Martha's website.


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