Anna's Art Party

When Anna said she wanted an "Art Party" for her 10th Birthday, I knew these cupcakes were just the ticket.  Who says beautiful has to be complicated?  Simple chocolate cupcakes (in my new brown glassine paper liners!) topped with 7 different colors of icing.  How easy is that?  The idea for these Artist's Palette cupcakes came from the latest addition to my cupcake cookbook library, What's New, Cupcake? by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson.  The edible paint brush is made from a breadstick, three rolled out and fringed Tootsie Rolls and a red Fruit Roll Up.

Ten grown-up girls enjoyed an evening of painting, munching and giggling.

In addition to their masterpieces, each girl went home with a bound journal.  I was fortunate enough to find these for $1.00 at Michael's with each of the girls' initials!  I tucked a King-sized Hershey's bar behind them, bagged them in cellophane and tied them with a black and white polka-dotted ribbon.



Alan said…
We couldn't have made those Artist Cupcakes look any prettier. Hope you had a Happy Birthday Anna.

Karen Tack and Alan Richardson from What's New, Cupcake?
Thanks Alan and Karen! Both of your cupcake books are simply amazing! (How cool is that? :-))
StilinStudio said…
OMG - I'm so glad I found your post - I'm having my artist friends over for a gathering at my house, and this will be the PERFECT treat!!!!! I hope I can find a recipe online somewhere - I can't wait to surprise them! Thanks for sharing this idea!
Sugar Swings said…
great idea! love the colors :)
Fantastic party idea and I love your cupcake palette!
Unknown said…
I love everything about this party idea! I pinned these cupcakes weeks ago when I saw them floating around on, reading about the whole party is even better! I'm so your newest your ideas!

Helen Green said…
Hi Rachel, can we feature your post on Red Tricycle? Would like permission to use the cupcake pic.

Many thanks,

Katie Laux said…
Hi Rachel! Love the post. Can I use your cupcake palette photo for a brochure? Thanks, Katie

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