Happy Halloween
From Our Family to Yours!

Even my husband joins in on the festivities!
This year we found on our street
Rapunzel, A Firefly, 
A Housewife in Robe and Curlers,
A Pirate of the Caribbean
and a Very Impressive Captain Hook!

I dressed up as a Pirate Wench,
but, hey, somebody has to take the picture!


Everyone looks great, but I have to say, Perry looks particularly impressive!

And I love your pumpkin.
Kelsey said…
THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!! The costumes are out of this world! Hope you all had a fun night and that my package arrived on time! Miss and love you!
Yes, O Favorite Babysitter of ours! The munchkin care package arrived on Friday, right on schedule. The kids were thrilled! As you can see, Arielle had to Trick or Treat with the bag that YOU sent!
Unknown said…
The pumpkin is incredible...but not to be exceeded by Captain Hook, the 1st mate, Rapunzel, the housewife and the firefly! Love you all!!

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