Bug and Butterfly Cupcakes!

I love 2nd grade Bug Day because it offers me yet another opportunity to make - CUPCAKES!  These bug and butterfly cupcakes look impressive, yet are fairly easy to make.

These two ideas, from the book Hello, Cupcakes! by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, start with a standard frosted cupcake and are topped with creatures made from candy melts and M&M's.

Simply melt the candy melts in a gallon sized freezer ziploc bag, snip a quarter inch hole in one corner and pipe the chocolate on to parchment paper with a copy of the book's template underneath.

For the monarch butterflies, fill in the outline with orange candy melts.

Drag a toothpick through the still wet chocolate to create veins and swirls.

Top with white non-pareils.

To assemble, tuck the wings into a frosted cupcake and prop them up underneath with a chocolate candy melt.  Insert piped antennas. 

Follow similar piping and tracing instructions for the bugs, and add M&M's for body parts.


The Second Grade class in costume.
My cute little firefly!


Anonymous said…
Oh! I simply love, love, love it!
I'm an elementary school secretary and PTO member, and I love my kiddos! I wish our school did something like this! How absolutely precious!!

I have an award for your blog...Follow the link back to my blog. I tried to leave it for you here, but Blogger wouldn't accept the html link.
Congratulations! You're the first to be awarded my Baked Someone Happy award, and you certainly deserve it! I've become a subscriber to your blog! I just love it!! Thanks for being such an incredibly caring person!!
Unknown said…
Rachel you are unbelievably creative...wow!
Unknown said…
By the way Arielle, you are simply the most beautiful firefly I have ever seen!
Anonymous said…
This is great! I'm going to try this for my son's 7th birthday which is completely bug-themed!

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