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Glimpses Week 25 | Baking Cupcakes

I always have helpers in the kitchen.   On the days when I'm trying to just speed along, I try to remind myself that memories are more important!  

Red, White & Blueberry Cupcakes

We were invited over to our friends' house last weekend for his widely famous grilled wings.  The six of us plus the three of them managed to chomp through the majority of the 100 wings that he cooked.  Luckily for us, we got the leftovers!  Apparently, the secret's in the apple juice brine.  I'll try to re-create these sometime soon!
Since it was so close to the Fourth of July, I brought these Red, White and Blueberry cupcakes for dessert!

Above, you'll find my secret recipe for the delicious Red Velvet Cake.  Shhhhh..... Don't tell Martha!
The way I see it is this:  A cake mix baked in your own oven is still way better than store bought any day.

The key to getting a nice white icing is this:  Crisco.  Now, before you go all postal on me, I'll have you know that Wilton's Buttercream Icing can actually be made without any butter at all!  Many bakers actually prefer this texture.  Furthermore, The Crisco label indicates zero trans fats.  Now, I'm not sa…

Glimpses Week 24 | Camp

It was her first overnight camp but I left her without any fear or trembling.  She's always been independent and confident.  I snapped these photos when I picked her up.  Looks like she made it through the week just fine!  This slice of everyday life is part of Chic Critique's Glimpses 52 Project.

Roasted Banana Cupcakes

I'm sorry.  I've been a cupcake slacker.  Well, not not a cupcake slacker, but a posting slacker.  I actually baked these cupcakes ON TIME, but ran out OF TIME when it came to posting.  Please forgive me.  Pretty please.  With honey-cinnamon frosting on top?

Roasted Banana Cupcakes were the Martha Stewart's Cupcake Club baking assignment for the month of June.  Oh, good.  It's still June.

Roasting the bananas makes them even more banana-y and the resulting flavor was so successful, that I think I will add roasted bananas to my banana bread!  Fortunately, I made a last minute decision to read the instructions and realized that you roast the bananas IN the skin.  I would have otherwise assumed that one would peel them first. Here are my beautiful yellow bananas BEFORE roasting.

Here are my beautiful yellow bananas AFTER 15 minutes in the oven.
I call this still life, "Black Bananas at Sunset."

Inside, however, the bananas are sweet and softened and very banan…


I was flying from Minneapolis to Atlanta yesterday on a bargain flight which my husband found on short notice.  It involved commuter jets and layovers, but it was cheap and I was happy to oblige.  The airplanes were small.  You know the kind.  Two seats smushed together on each side of a teeny tiny aisle in which no two humans could possibly pass.  Only seventeen rows from front to back.  These planes aren't bad on puddle jumping flights, but the leg of Chicago to Atlanta was pushing two hours.
I boarded the plane and noticed a very large woman sitting in my row, across the aisle.  And by large, I mean that I wasn't sure if she was actually able to put the arm rest down between the seats.  Her grayish blonde hair was swept back into a ponytail.  Even though it was the middle of summer, she wore a gray hooded sweatshirt, white T-shirt and jeans.  It was obvious from her dress that she just wanted to blend in.  Her face was pleasant looking and a pair of wire-rimmed glasses res…

Glimpses Week 23 | After the Ballet

Isn't it funny how a Dinosaur Sundae is all the reward needed for making it through 100 hours of ballet lessons, 75 hours of musical theater classes and 6 hours of recitals?  Check out more everyday Glimpses HERE!

Glimpses Week 22 | A Boy and His Dog

We went fishing last weekend, trying to take advantage of a VERY UNUSUAL 70 degree, low humidity  evening.  The fishing wasn't great, but the boat ride was sublime.  The next day, Samuel went to camp.  Here's what he missed while he was gone:

Six hours of ballet recitals (Don't worry, honey, I got it on tape!)The Anne of Green Gables Marathon (I bought the entire series)The sister sleeping in his queen-sized bedThe sister emailing him daily that she was sleeping in his bed (OK, he didn't actually miss this since he did receive the emails!)Walking the dog during a surprise downpourThat lovely wet dog smellMe running my fingers through his new crew cutHis sisters trying to touch his new crew cutYummy pasta night  The last one did actually make him tear up a bit.  All in all, I would say that we probably missed him more than he missed us.  We're so glad he's back!

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Glimpses Week 21 | The Kiss

My mom and dad came down to visit last week for Samuel's confirmation and 8th grade Graduation.  Right after the final bell, we packed up Grandma and Grandpa and the kids and headed to North Carolina to visit The Biltmore, the largest single family home in America.  And yes, you counted right.  That would be eight people and luggage and a cooler packed into a 2003 Ford Expedition driving through the mountains.  In this case, the driver definitely got the good seat! 
The genius that went into this home built in the late 1800's by George Vanderbilt is amazing and the panoramic view of the Smoky Mountains is breathtaking.  We were about the last ones to leave the estate, when I spotted my mom and dad resting on the vine-covered veranda. I love that I captured this moment. They'll be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this August!
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SCHOOOOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!  And, no, I'm not an Alice Cooper fan, but the sound of my husband singing this acid rock song is ringing through my ears.  I don't think he got enough attention as a child.

Actually, our school finished an entire week ago, but I'm just now posting this end of the year treat - TRIX BARS! Think of them as your basic Rice Krispy Treat on steroids.  They're brighter, cheerier, tastier, bigger, and just plain funner!  

 OK, I know funner isn't really a word, but Who Cares?   School's Out for the summer!

Now imagine these totally festive treats wrapped in crisp and shiny individual cellophane bags with a note attached that says this:

It was my last hurrah as first grade room mom. I hope second grade is this much fun!


1 13-ounce box TRIX Cereal
2 Bags Marshmallows
1/2 cup butter

Melt the butter and the marshmallows on LOW heat stirring constantly until the marshmallows have just melted.  Add the cereal and combine.  Pour into…