Saturday, June 9, 2012

Glimpses Week 22 | A Boy and His Dog

We went fishing last weekend, trying to take advantage of a VERY UNUSUAL 70 degree, low humidity  evening.  The fishing wasn't great, but the boat ride was sublime.  The next day, Samuel went to camp.  Here's what he missed while he was gone:

  • Six hours of ballet recitals (Don't worry, honey, I got it on tape!)
  • The Anne of Green Gables Marathon (I bought the entire series)
  • The sister sleeping in his queen-sized bed
  • The sister emailing him daily that she was sleeping in his bed (OK, he didn't actually miss this since he did receive the emails!)
  • Walking the dog during a surprise downpour
  • That lovely wet dog smell
  • Me running my fingers through his new crew cut
  • His sisters trying to touch his new crew cut
  • Yummy pasta night 
The last one did actually make him tear up a bit.  All in all, I would say that we probably missed him more than he missed us.  We're so glad he's back!

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