Music Listening

I have read that it takes half a lifetime to develop a true appreciation for classical music.   This got me thinking.  I have yet to notice any one of my four children reaching for the public radio station in the car.  I decided that it was up to me to give them the exposure that they deserved.  While I still have control over the car radio (i.e. I'm the driver, not them), I will try to use some of this time to enlighten them. Here are some of the pieces that we have listened to and discussed so far!

Just click on the pieces below to learn a little about them, and see what the kids had to say!

Bach:  Brandenburg Concertos Nos. 1, 2 & 3
Beethoven:  Symphony No. 5
Britten:  Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
Copland:  Appalachian Spring
Gershwin:  Rhapsody in Blue
Pachelbel:  Canon in D
Prokofiev:  Peter and the Wolf
Vivaldi:  The Four Seasons