Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vivaldi: The Four Seasons

I recently read that it takes half a lifetime to develop a true appreciation for classical music.   This got me thinking.  I have yet to notice any one of my four children reaching for the public radio station in the car.  I decided it was up to me to give them the exposure that they deserved.  I decided that while I still have control over the car radio (i.e. I'm the driver, not them), I would try to use some of this time to enlighten them.  We are starting this journey with Vivaldi:  The Four Seasons in honor of my daughter, Arielle, who shares the same birthday (March 4th) as this great composer.


Ella:  Look, I'm playing my (imaginary) violin!
Anna:  I know this song!
Samuel:  Why does summer sound sad?  Maybe it's the end of summer.
Arielle:  Maybe it's a thunderstorm!

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