Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Apple and Mustard Braised Corned Beef

I only cook Corned Beef once a year, but every time I do, I'm reminded of how really quite delicious it is! Truth be told, I love everything about the traditional St. Patrick's Day meal - the roasted carrots, the braised cabbage, the tender and flavorful corned beef - it is truly comfort on a plate. This year's corned beef turned out especially flavorful when it was slathered with grainy mustard, encased in brown sugar and braised in apple juice.  These three simple ingredients turned out to be quite transformative and may be the only way I'll cook corned beef in the years to come!

Apple and Mustard Braised Corned Beef

2-3 pound corned beef brisket
1/4 cup grainy mustard
1/2 cup brown sugar
12 ounces apple juice

Place the beef brisket, fat side up, in a Dutch Oven.  Slather the top side with the mustard.  Pack the brown sugar on the top of the mustard, covering the entire brisket.  Slowly pour the apple juice into the side of the Dutch Oven, being careful not to pour it directly on top of the brisket. If desired, add the  enclosed seasoning packet to the apple juice.

Bake, covered, at 350 degrees for 2 1/2 hours or until beef is tender.  To serve, slice thinly against the grain.

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