Saturday, July 19, 2014

Celebrity Home Sightings

We've just returned from a family trip to the East Coast. Our mission? To get my husband to his 50th state: Maine. Ok, and maybe eat a little a lot of lobster. One of our food stops was The Maine Diner in Wells, Maine. Five years ago we saw it featured on Diners, Drivers and Dives. They had Lobster Pie. We had to go there. (More food pics to come!) It was this stop for Lobster Pie, however, that got us focused on another missions:  Celebrity Home sightings. Are you confused yet? I thought so. It just so happens that the exit for Wells, Maine was also the exit for Kennebunkport. Maybe we could find the Bush Compound! After talking to a few locals, we got a general idea of where it might be and confirmed that it could be seen from the road. We were off. As we approached our destination, the congregation of other onlookers confirmed our suspicion. This beautiful peninsula entertains two former presidents.

We were surprised that they did not invite us in considering our rented minivan sported Texas plates. 
I guess we should have called ahead.

The day we spotted the Bush Compound, we travelled from Portland, Maine to Connecticut. While there is very little actually IN Rhode Island, we swung wide to include this itty bitty state. Wait. There IS something in Rhode Island. Taylor Swift's new beach house! You didn't see her Fourth of July beach photos on Instagram? If you didn't, you apparently don't have any tweenage girls. Because The Hubby is such an awesome dad, he took the risk. After much internet searching, their brother and I narrowed down the address to a neighborhood:  Watch Hill. We knew it was on the ocean. As we neared our destination, the tech savvy daughter took my phone and, in 30 seconds, found an exact address. We weren't sure if we should be thrilled by her resourcefulness or fearful of her natural ability to become a stalker. As we drove by, the security guards out from confirmed our inclination. We love Taylor Swift!

Here's the gorgeous beach view of her house on a hill.
(With more security guards)

And the sign out front based on her famous lyrics.
The girls may or may not have thrown a handful of Swiftie beach rocks into my bag.

The next day we took a ferry from Connecticut to Long Island where one of my favorite East Hamptonites lives:  Ina Garten.  This is the previous location of her specialty food store, The Barefoot Contessa.

And, once again using the skills of my tech-savvy daughter, 
we decided that this may or may not be the Barefoot Contessa's East Hampton home.
But we think it is. Probably.
I believe there is a saying in the Hamptons: "Tall Hedges make good neighbors!"

Another one of my favorite people:  Martha Stewart! I confirmed the shape of the gate with other website sightings. Martha's East Hampton home is located on a lovely, exclusive street. Someone on her block was having a big party and as we drove by, fancy people were being shuttled to their festivities in golf carts. I'm sure that our rented beige minivan with the Texas plates did not look out of place at all.  Ahem.

Our final stop of the rich and famous was the Oheka Castle a.k.a. "Shadow Pond" of my favorite guilty pleasure summer viewing, "Royal Pains" on USA Network. While the show depicts the castle in The Hamptons, it is actually located in Hungtington, NY which is on the West side of Long Island. The Oheka Castle is the second largest private home in the United States. This long driveway has been in many Royal Pains scenes, usually involving running, fancy cars and shooting. Look for an entire post on this amazing home coming soon!

We had an awesome trip exploring the New England and the East Coast, but even with mountains of laundry to climb, I must say, there's no place like home. So glad to be back!



  1. WHOA!!! These are awesome homes. So neat...I wonder if they were there at the time. :) Thanks for sharing with What You Wish Wednesday. Please link up again tomorrow!!

  2. Fun trip! I love the stalking, too funny!