Friday, April 25, 2014

April in Minnesota

In Atlanta, winter is short and spring emerges eagerly: Cherry blossoms in February, Daffodils in March, then Dogwoods, Forsythia, and by April, cotton white Pear Trees line the boulevards and driveways of every thoughtfully planted place.  By May, the only spring blossoms remaining are the giant, white magnolia flowers with their far-reaching sweet aroma.

In Minnesota, winter holds a tighter grip. The wind whips across the frozen lakes. Springs teases us with momentary warmth and then blankets us once more with snow. But the sounds of winter and spring are quite different. Winter echoes and crunches. Spring, in a day, becomes deafening as the frogs emerge from their slumber. Ice on the lake slushes like a giant, five-mile big gulp held in the earth's hand.

I took this picture in front of our house on Monday. Yesterday was the official Lake Ice Out.  I think spring has finally sprung!


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