Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cute Bowling Party Ideas

Anyone who has ever hosted a sleepover party for a dozen 10-year old girls knows this: 
A bowling party is SO MUCH BETTER!
When Arielle turned 11, we invited her friends to some Friday Night Bowling.
  • No need to clean the house
  • 16 friends is not a crowd!
  • Easy cleanup!
  • Mom gets a good night's sleep
  • Everyone has fun!
  • Add a few cute details and you still qualify for the cool mom award! 

First Thing:  Make some cute iron-on bowling T's.
Matching T-shirts are great for crowd control AND the girls loved them!

Michael's is a great resource for inexpensive T's. I downloaded this cute bowling design from Scrapendipity Designs on Etsy.  The design cost only $2.50 and I was able to fit two images on each iron-on transfer sheet.

I ordered these "Bowling Ball" Cupcakes from our local bakery, but you could easily make them yourself.  Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing dipped in chocolate sprinkles.  Mmmmm. I do love chocolate.  White icing creates finger holes for the bowling ball.  How simple is that?

White dots from an office supply store transform black balloons into bowling balls!
For party favors, glass milk bottles from Michael's are a ringer for bowling pins with the addition of a little red tape, Fill them with hot chocolate mix and lots of marshmallows!

What better way to transport them than in a milk crate!
All in all, I'd say it was a strikingly good birthday!


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