Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2 Pumpkin Carving Tools You Shouldn't Be Without

This is typical for us.  Somewhere around late September the kids start asking when they can get their pumpkins.  "Too early," I say.  In early October it continues.  "Still too early.  We don't want them to rot before Halloween."  Rewind 14 years.  That's how long we lived in Atlanta.  A place where pumpkins will actually rot and be filled with fire ants if put out on your front steps any more than, say, two hours before trick-or-treating.  I keep forgetting.  We're not in Atlanta anymore.

So this past Sunday, after church, we experienced what was perhaps our last gorgeous 50 degree day before snowfall. We packed up the kids and drove to the Apple Orchard where there are breathtaking, scenic fields filled with pumpkins just ripe for picking. Or so we thought.

When we arrived, we hiked through fragrant, picturesque rows of apple trees only to arrive upon lovely fall fields.  With no pumpkins.  The words Bad Mommy comes to mind. But we did buy apples and on our way home we stopped at our neighborhood grocery store where, guess what?  They had plenty of perfectly good pumpkins. I guess they know their clientele......Me.

Sunday night was family movie night.  Monday night was piano lessons.  Tuesday night was 7th grade parent night at school. So here it is, Wednesday, the night before Halloween and we have yet to carve our pumpkins.

Fortunately, I had the foresight to pick up these amazing pumpkin carving tools from Target.  I know, it doesn't seem like much, but it's these little things that make me happy.  

This ring is a magical scooper.  I just gutted four giant pumpkins during a single episode of Rachael Ray.  It was truly amazing. All the pulp and goop comes right out. You'll never use a kitchen spoon again.

Forget your fancy knives.  This little beauty is agile and carves through pumpkins in a flash.

They even come is this handy dandy storage case so you can use them again next year!
Final results yet to come!

Don't forget to roast your pumpkin seeds!

Happy Carving!


  1. Where'd you get that fancy tool kit? And it has its own carrying case!! I love the handles.

  2. Haha, I just saw that it was from Target!! So much for speed reading... I bet they're all gone now...

  3. Rachel: Where did you get those pumpkin carving tools with handy storage case? They are awesome! Would love to get them. Love your blog. Thanks.

    1. They are from Target! I was at one near my house just a few days ago and they still had them!