Monday, September 16, 2013

Glow in the Dark (Taylor Swift) Concert Shirts (Tutorial)

During the course of my entire life, I have been invited by friends to two concerts. And by concerts, I mean music written post-1960 and not performed by middle schoolers.  They were 1987 - Echo and the Bunnymen (we're not friends anymore) and 2011 - Journey (I had no idea that people my age still dressed liked that).  So when my sister-in-law suggested we take the girls to see Taylor Swift, I had no idea what to expect.  After waiting almost an entire year for this sold out concert, the question became:  What do we wear?  I decided to pop into our local Justice.  If you have pre-teen girls, I know you've shopped there!

The store clerk was decidedly helpful.  She told me not to buy anything at her store, but to go to our local Michael's, buy some $3 T-shirts and make our own concert shirts.  Since it was Taylor Swift's "RED" Concert Tour, the color was decidedly obvious.  Three dollars?  OK.  I'm in!

Start by printing out the word, "RED" on card stock.  Cut it out, saving the inside of the "R" and the "D". Also, make sure your shirt has been pre-washed and dried without a dryer sheet.

Next, place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt.  This is important so that the shirt doesn't stick together once the paint is applied. Tape the stencil onto the shirt, position the inside of the letters with tape.

Spray on Glow in the Dark Fabric Spray Paint so that the letters are well covered.  This pump spray only worked so-so, but just keep shaking it and wiping down the nozzle until your coverage is complete.

Don't worry about a little overspray.  Emphasize the fact these are ONE OF A KIND shirts!!

Use a knife to pry off the stencil without it smearing to other parts of the shirt.
Let dry overnight.
They really do glow!

Now that I am uniquely experienced, here are a few family concert tips:
  • Eat Before you come.  You do not want to stand in line for food during the concert!
  • Arrive an hour early.  It's just more relaxing that way.  The doors are open.  You can find your seat.  You'll have time to take pictures in front of the cardboard cutouts.
  • Bring Ear Plugs.  Not just for you, but for the kids, too.  The warm up bands are even louder than Taylor Swift.  Besides, bringing earplugs will make you feel like you're a good parent!
  • Bring Advil.  For you, not the kids.  (See above)
  • Invest in lots and lots of glow bracelets, necklaces and wands!  Michael's has them.  The Dollar Store has them.  The crowd was very sparkly and you'll want to be part of the magical glow!

The concert pageantry was amazing!  

 Taylor Swift was beautiful, charming, talented and completely appropriate. 

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