Saturday, June 15, 2013

Easy Father's Day Decoration Ideas

So maybe this is a bit too easy to be blog-worthy, but I love ideas that are sweet, simple and to the point!  I'm hosting 20 of my favorite in-laws for Father's Day tomorrow and needed to set up three tables.  I've seen edible centerpieces.  Why not drinkable ones?

Dad's Root Beer needs no explanation or further ornamentation for the Father's Day theme and I love the fact that they still come in these cute old-fashioned bottles!  These inexpensive centerpieces will do double duty.  After dinner, we'll have Root Beer (Or Orange Cream) Floats for dessert!

 Don't forget these cute paper napkins and paper straws from Target!

To change things up a bit, put small glass jars inside the cardboard carrier and fill them with wild flowers.

I'm also displaying these framed 8 x 10 posters which you can down load HERE

and HERE!


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