Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Paper Straws

I try not to go shopping on Black Friday and here's my top reasons why:
  1. Given the choice, I would rather sleep in.
  2. My husband won't go with  me.
  3. My mom won't go with me.
  4. The shopping frenzy forces me to buy more than I should.
  5. I end up just buying things for myself.
  6. None of which I actually need.
  7. If I stay home, I can watch my husband put up the Christmas tree.
  8. Which is usually very entertaining.
  9. Like observing the 15-year old son try to secure the top-heavy angel on the tree.
  10. Stripped down to a t-shirt and boxers.
  11. Because balancing on a ladder is a very sweaty job! 

  1. Having said this, I usually find a reason to sneak out of the house at some point.  
  2. Like this quick trip to Michael's where I found these super cute paper straws.
  3. I promise that I will use them every day.
  4. And not save them for a special occasion.
  5. Because that's what paper straws are for.
  6. To make every day special.

1 comment:

  1. Love your lists! And those paper straws are just darling. Great idea to use them each and every day. Why not? Life is too short not to live each day to the full.