Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Planter Update

I remember our first Christmas in Atlanta.  As soon as the Thanksgiving turkey was put away, I ran to Costco and and bought a fresh evergreen wreath.  I immediately hung it on our front door, excited about the familiar sights and smells of Christmas.  Three days later, my fresh wreath had turned brown and the needles fell off every time I opened the front door. Apparently, I hadn't taken into consideration the change in climate.

Now that we are back north, I was so excited to find evergreen pots at Costco which I knew would be preserved all winter by the frigid cold!

The original pots were lovely, but a little plain.  Having recently been through a few holiday house tours, I decided to dress them up a bit to give them a more designer feel.

I added some dried hydrangeas fresh from the garden. (Thanks, mom!)
Some red twigs (Michael's or the florist),

And some seeded eucalyptus (florist).

A burlap bow (Michael's) tied it all together.

A small amount of effort made this planter go from fine to fabulous!

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