Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Instagram Day

I had to get the kids dressed and out the door by 7:30 this morning.  In the world of normal, that wouldn't be so unusual.  But in the world of summer, it seemed liked an unearthly experience.  Not for the kids so much, but for me. I admit it.  Getting up at 6AM every school day stresses me out.  I never really adjust.  My inner clock longs for summer vacation when I can stay up late and make up for it in the morning.  In my attempt to justify the Proverbs 31 woman who gets up before the dawn, I'm convinced that that chapter was written during winter.  In Norway.


This was our destination.  The orthodontist.  Here's a shot of Samuel and Anna in tandem.  I love it when I'm efficient.  Reclining chairs and cartoons?  I guess it helps ease the pain and suffering.

The orthodontist is strategically located between Starbucks and Steak 'n Shake.  This is my new summertime favorite drink:  Iced coffee with Soymilk (half coffee, half milk) and sugar-free vanilla syrup.  I mean, a girl has to get her calcium, right?  I feel it's my obligation to drink my way through the 100 dollars worth of Starbucks gift cards that I received this spring for taking a few Senior pictures.  Wasting gift cards is a shameful crime.

Which is why I had to take the kids to Steak 'n Shake for breakfast.  I had gift cards.  They don't have Steak 'n Shake where we're going.  Which is why, after breakfast, I had to go home and pack.  

We're moving.

There.  I said it.  I just slipped it in there.  It's official.

After 13 years of living in The South, and feeling like a stranger and missing my mommy and having babies and play dates and discovering new friends and volunteering and cheering on the sidelines and praying through loss and laughter and growing and discovering who I am, we are moving back North.  I never thought a homecoming could be so bittersweet.  I never thought a foreign land could shape what I'd become.  I never thought that returning home would mean leaving some of the best friends that I would ever have.  But God did.  And so the journey continues....

...... for some, it's a journey with straight teeth and no braces!

He couldn't stop smiling all day.
And when I saw him, neither could I.
Today, I needed that.



  1. How come God didn't call you to the New York metropolitan area???

    I will have to try your Starbucks drink- I have never veered from a venti half-caf pike, which they now call medium.

  2. We can't wait for your return to the homeland! Just keep reminding yourself that when I met you, you were my boyfriend's sister who just moved to Atlanta with the plan to be there just a couple years. We are long overdue for living in the same zip code! xoxo Janet

  3. You will be missed, especially at BCA. Blessed that i got to know you even if for just a short while. I will enjoy keeping up with your family through your blog and I pray that your move is smooth and safe.
    God Speed,
    Julie Hand