Friday, December 2, 2011

Backstage at The Nutcracker

I still remember attending my first Nutcracker performance. I went with my dad. It was date night.  Just me and him. I remember imagining myself as Clara.  Who was that girl with the long, flowing blonde hair, chosen to be the star of the stage?  One might say I had Clara envy, except that my imagination worked so well at putting myself in her place, that the unpleasantries of envy surely vanished.  If only I had long legs. And toe shoes. And dance lessons.....

I remember being slightly frightened by the battle scene. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King fought in the midst of red lights and smoke.  Soldiers marched and the mice scampered.  Casualties ensued.

Fast forward a few decades.  How could I say no to my little ballerina who wanted to take part in the magic?

My angel awaits backstage for her halo.  Stage moms oversee the crowds.

The excitement of taking part in a professional performance is felt in the hallways.

Our teacher, The Snow Queen, visits backstage during intermission.

A "Fairy" anticipates her entrance while the stage crew prepares the clouds.

The angels line up to find their stage positions.

Darkness anticipates the rising curtain.....

Angelic dancers take the stage.

And the dream of Clara continues....

Another performance.
Another day.

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  1. I hear the music and I'm smiling. How wonderful to be part of the a production! I haven't seen the ballet for years- my favorite scene is seeing the Christmas tree grow as the nutcracker becomes human.

    Maybe one year, you can bring your angel up and see George Balanchine's Nutcracker. Regardless of where you see it, the ballet (and Tchaikovsky's score!) is pure magic. Thanks so much for sharing.