Saturday, October 29, 2011

Apple Picking with Ella

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of driving for the first grade field trip.  Destination?  Ellijay, Georgia.  Ellijay is way up in Northern Georgia, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It sits near the beginning (or end) of the Appalachian Trail.  The only way there is a handful of county roads. Fill your tank before you leave. There's not a gas station in sight.

Besides its picturesque countryside, Ellijay is known for this:  Apple Picking.

Don't you just love walking into one of those roadside apple houses?
The smell of apples...

local honey.....

... Moonshine Jelly?

You've gotta love The South.
I thought about buying a jar, but I wasn't sure how well a Peanut Butter and Moonshine Jelly sandwich would go over in the school cafeteria.  Maybe next year.  I'll have to check with the administration.

But we didn't come to go shopping, we came to pick apples!

Despite the fact that for the first three years of our married life we lived on Apple Orchard Road where there was an actual, thriving apple orchard at the end of the street, I had never before actually picked my own apples.  I guess I wasn't completely domesticated yet.  We just went there to buy apple pie.  

Picking apples was completely fun  - especially once we found the row with low-hanging fruit.

It's all in the wrist.  Pull and twist.

Here's a little tip:  Bring a backpack. 

Especially when you're left holding all the bags!

As if apple picking wasn't enough, there were animals, too!

It's always nice to be able to visit animals, especially when the conversation at home usually goes like this:  

"Mom, can we have a pet pig?"

"A baby cow?"


"A baby goat?"
"Really, sweetie, I would let you, but the homeowner's association doesn't allow them..."

But maybe we'll plant an apple orchard, 
because it's just so beautiful with you in it.

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