Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cute Cupcake Boxes!

I love to bake cupcakes and so, in an effort to prevent us from eating them all, I am always looking for cute and practical ways to give them away!

I was thrilled to find these adorable cupcake boxes at Michael's!  The cupcake boxes come in a variety of patterns.  I liked this all-purpose festive box.  I thought it went perfectly with my Confetti Cupcakes.  They even include a cupcake insert so the cupcakes won't topple over!

If you really want to be coordinated, you can buy matching cupcake liners!

Who wouldn't want to receive a gift that looks like this?

I'm sharing this post over at The Martha Stewart Cupcakes Club.  If you love cupcakes like I do, you are welcome to come and join the baking fun!  On August 15th, we're baking Rhubarb Cupcakes.  YUMM!  Come and check it out!

**P.S.  This post is not affiliated with Michael's.  Just sharing with you something that I love! :-)


  1. Very cute! Cough, cough - I think I'm getting sick - I'd feel so much better if someone gave me such beautiful cupcakes in a lovely box! ;-)

  2. So cool! Makes a great gift, or for anyone selling cupcakes!