Sunday, July 10, 2011

Strawberry Picking

I LOVE my sister-in-law, Janet.  We go together like peas and carrots or peanut-butter and jelly or spaghetti and meatballs.  (I would definitely be the meatball!)  We think alike.  

So when Janet apologetically asked me if I would be interested in going berry picking, my immediate response was - YES!!   And since strawberries were still in season, we packed up ourselves, two minivans and the seven kids between us and drove to the nearest berry patch.

I've been dreaming of going berry picking for approximately seventeen years.  Seventeen years ago I actually lived just 1/2 mile from an apple orchard with a berry patch.  But did I ever go berry picking when I lived just a brief walk away?  Of course not.  Going berry picking required me to move across the entire country, have four kids and then fly 1500 miles back (with nothing but carry-on luggage!)  Of course, one can go berry picking in The South.  I have just two words to say about that.   TOO HOT!!

Everybody loved berry picking - like going on a treasure hunt with plenty of loot.

Ella proudly explained how she didn't pick the most strawberries, she picked the best strawberries.

This is my son, Samuel.  I love him to pieces.

Even though he's a teenager, he still enthusiastically picked strawberries with his little cousins Anders and Elias.

You just have to love teenagers with enthusiasm!

The June berries are small, but sweet.

Kind of like the cousins.

And the sister-in-law.

She didn't even laugh at me when I declared the beauty of the white strawberry flowers.

(Strawberry flowers ARE white, but these just happened to be ....... weeds!)

She should know because she's from the country.

Me, not so much.

 Maybe that's just one thing that makes us....

.... like Peas and Carrots.....

.... or ham and eggs.....

(I would definitely be the ham.)


  1. Well, aren't you sweet!? Love you, too, and I'm so grateful for all the fun memories we're making with our kids this summer!

  2. Simple City Girl, I would have thought this pretty white flowers were strawberry plants too!