Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An American Girl Birthday Party at Home

Arielle started planning her 8th Birthday Party about three days after she turned seven.  She's my planner.  Inspired by our trip to The American Girl Place in Chicago this summer, she finally settled into the idea of creating an American Girl Tea Party - at home!

We started out with photos of the guests (and dolls) on the red carpet.

Fringed doll napkins made a simple and fun craft for the girls while we waited for everyone to arrive. To make these, simply cut 6" x 6" squares of gingham and stitch 1/4" from the edge all the way around.  The girls just "pull the strings" until they get to the stitching line.  Now the dolls have a cloth napkin for the tea!

Decorating the party table was lots of fun.  We took inspiration from the pink and black banquet room at The American Girl Place in Chicago. Putting my Shaker sensibility aside, we went bright and bold with lots of layers.  The table was topped with a white table cloth and bright pink sheer sparkly fabric.  On top  of that was layered black place mats and black and white paper plates.   Tea sets, like the ones at The American Girl Store, are available for purchase and a set went home with each of the girls.


Black and pink polka dotted napkins alternated with black gingham napkins and each was secured with a silk gerbera daisy.  Place cards were printed on the computer and accented with black patterned scrapbook paper.

Each chair was tied with pink and black tulle - 

and the gift table was covered with coordinating fabric.

We found conversation starters at the American Girl store. 
The girls had a great time answering the questions.

We kept the food simple.  Fruit Kabobs, Cheetos and Bagel Bites worked because of their kid-friendly deliciousness and their appropriate miniature scale.  Girls and dolls enjoyed mini muffins and cherry 7-up made for a fun pink, sparkly drink!

Here's a great trick that my mom used to use at my birthday parties........

... Pre-scoop the ice cream into cupcake liners!  
The presentation is festive, and it's one less thing to do when it's cake time!
I found these cute scalloped flower liners at JoAnn's Fabric and Crafts!

Happy Birthday, Arielle!


  1. Happy, happy bday to Arielle!

    What a beautiful party spread. I'm going to keep that single serve ice cream trick in mind. Zack's bday is coming up... (he once again asked, why are her photographs so cool? I told him that his dad needed to get his mom a better camera so I could cool photos too. :)

  2. This is an amazing party! Everything looks so pretty and girly. I love the color scheme. My girls would love this party!

  3. Adorable party! The ice cream in the cupcake liners is great... I did that for one of my daughter's birthday parties.

  4. A little girl's dream party. I noticed Hobby Lobby has a whole new section of American Girl Scrapbook supplies. The cake is amazing and I love how you put the illusion bows on the chairs.

    New follower from Tidy Mom.


  5. Pamela, so glad you can join us!


  6. Lovely party!!! I saw where you stated the miniature tea cups were available for purchase from AG...I'm trying to find these for my daughter's birthday party, but haven't been able to find them on-line. Can you please tell me how to get these? Thanks!

    1. You are right! I just checked online and didn't see them. I got them in the store last year. I would think they would still carry them since they offer them for the dolls when you eat there!

    2. I was just in the New York store on April 15th and they are available there!

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