Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Pinkalicious Birthday, Ella!

Sometimes, when someone else has a birthday, one just has to buy a present for themselves, too!  And so it was, just days before Ella's 6th birthday, that I found myself inside Williams-Sonoma, gazing at The Great Cupcake Pan.  Having long admired The Giant Cupcake, I decided that this would be the perfect cake for someone who's favorite book is Pinkalicious, a story about an adventurous girl who just can't get enough pink cupcakes!

The giant cupcake mold holds an entire standard cake recipe of batter.
We veered from the pink cake and went for the even more delicious chocolate!

As with all layered cakes, there must be some leveling.

Not only does leveling makes the giant cupcake come together beautifully...

....we think it's scrapalicious!

Look at all the delicious, pink cream cheese frosting it can hold!!
Oversized sprinkles are the finishing touch.

Classmates at school enjoy a good story and kid-sized Pinkalicious cupcakes.

A trio of lollipops make a fanciful favor.


  1. What a fabulous bday. I wish you had posted your favor tag- looks like you created something cute there too!

    Happy Birthday Ella!

  2. Yes! The tag was courtesy of the free printable you sent me! I used them for goody bags again today!

  3. And I wanted to add that your cupcakes look so fun.