Thursday, August 12, 2010

The First Day of School

Is it just me, or are the summers getting shorter?  I remember when school didn't start until you had lived through the last dog day of summer, floated on a clear blue lake in an old-fashioned inner tube and eaten your third State Fair corn dog on a stick.  Going back to school meant the days were getting shorter, the nights were turning cooler, and you hoped, that on on your first day of school, you could wear your brand new sweater.  These are my memories.

Despite the fact that it's only August 12th (and very, very hot!), the kids are still excited to start school, see theirs friends and begin a new journey.  I begin a new journey as well.  After 13 years, I have four children in full time school - a kindergartner and a teenager!  Will I be lonely?  Will I actually get the closets cleaned?  Will the days go by quickly?  What will they hold?  What will I discover?  I guess that's  part of the journey - experiencing it one day at a time.

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