Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 17 - The Card or Gift Dilemma

When it comes to holidays like Father's Day, the dilemma always seems to arise:  Card or Gift?  Sometimes a card doesn't seem to say enough, but does Grandpa really need another golf shirt?  This year, a souped-up homemade card seemed to be just the ticket.

For these cards, I found a piece of poster board and cut them into pieces which were twice as big as my largest envelope.  I folded each piece in half and had the basis for our jumbo cards.  I went through last year's photos and printed out 3 to 5 significant 5x7 family photos for each card.  Martha Stewart's website had some great retro Father's Day clip art which we printed, cut and glued into the card.  On the inside I glued more pictures which were bordered with leftover scrapbook paper.  I left one space blank for each of the kids to write their own personal greeting.

Dilemma Solved!


Costco Photos: $3.76
Costco (Bananas, Eggs, Milk & Cheese):  $22.69

Total:  $26.45

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