Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 16 - Made In The Shade

The plea began about a month ago - that sultry Saturday when, first the friend's $300 fishing pole plummeted to the bottom of the lake, and then the favorite sunglasses followed.  That was the day the plea began for a new pair of Father's Day shades.  How could I refuse?  The man asks for nothing, needs nothing, wants for nothing.  And so, today, the search began.

Realizing that the money was dwindling with nothing to spare, I knew I couldn't be extravagant.  I knew I had to be frugal.  I knew I had to be smart.  I knew I had --- a Kohl's coupon!  I drove to Kohl's with high hopes.  After walking in the store past 200 pair of trendy women's sunglasses, I finally found the men's - all 15 pair!  I tried them all on.  Then I made the 20-year old clerk try them all on.  I finally settled on one so-so pair.  The glasses were on sale for $12.99.  Determined to use my coupon ($10 off a $20 purchase), I also picked up a super cool pair of sunglasses for myself!  Total purchase price after coupon?  $17.10.

When I got out to my car, I began to have doubts.  The idea behind the budget was to live well, but purposefully.   Were the Kohl's sunglasses really husband-worthy?  I decided to explore further at one of my favorite stores - SteinMart.  Without a coupon, I arrived at SteinMart - a designer boutique-style discount store.  To my delight, there was a fully stocked rack of designer shades ranging from $9.99 to $19.99.  After, again, having the store clerk model several pair for me, I decided on these sporty IZOD shades for $14.99.

Pleased with my purchase, I drove back to Kohl's and returned BOTH pair of sunglasses, realizing that I had fallen for the whole retail-marketing-coupon scam.  I had spent more with the coupon than I would have without it!  To my surprise, the customer service girl gave me a full cash refund plus a Kohl's no-strings-attached store credit for my $10 coupon!  Half way out to the car, I grabbed Anna's arm and said, "Come on, girls, let's see if they have a swim suit!"  Somewhere during the course of the season, we (I) had lost Anna's swim team swim suit.  (For those of you who remember when we lost Samuel's swim suit, I do believe it's a conspiracy!)  There, hanging on the girl's rack, was a black Speedo swimsuit with blue and white trim - not an exact match to the team's official suit - but better than pink!  It fit and Anna could not have been happier.  Neither could I - $30 Speedo swimsuit less 50% off less $10 store credit = $5!  

We were made in the shade!


Sunglasses:  $16.04
Swimsuit:  $6.05

TOTAL:  $22.09

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  1. Rachel just getting caught up on your blog...been pretty busy here getting ready for your visit in a few short weeks! I absolutely looooove every single post! I truly love the 30 day impressed with your ability to pull this thing off and not just by the skin of your teeth, but with absolute creativity, ability and a true sense of fun! I have known all along that any "challenge" right up your alley girlfriend! "Challenges" to you Rachel, are nothing more than "incentive" for you to dig deep, research, make a plan of attack...and find a way to overcome and to be victorious! I am fully aware that you have a ways to go...but I for one am already calling this a done deal...I'll always remember that you are a fierce competitor and have been since should share the story about...checkers!! Also, I have decided on your vacation will simply have to do the cooking and entertaining...I am way out of my league now! This blog is by far one of the most interesting, fun and creative pursuits I have ever been able to partake in! Nana always loves to read it and look at the pics of her precious ones. Once again, thanks for taking me(us), along for the ride and breathing such refreshing new life, creativity and fun into each and every day! See you soon!