Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 14 - An Adventure at Super H-Mart

Have prices gone up, or is it just me?  I remember when I wouldn't buy any fruit unless it was less than $1.00/lb.  Now, all I can find is bananas!  Hearing my complaints, my friend, Rita, recommended Super H-Mart, our nearby Asian market.

Anna and I decided to check it out.  
What did we have to lose?

At first glance, it didn't seem out of the ordinary.  
We saw watermelons, apples and limes.

Then quince,

Asian melons,

and Dragon Fruit!

Anna counted 6 varieties of eggplant.

And what, exactly, does one do with a Banana Flower?
Things got even more interesting when we arrived at the seafood counter.

Sea anemone, anyone?  They're on sale!

Anna wasn't quite sure she liked the fish actually looking at her!

At least the shark were on ice!

When all was said and done, we came home with limes, mangoes, ginger, Korean cabbage, sweet onions, eggplant, apricots, black plums, a korean melon, cantaloupe, papaya, watermelon, a bag of fortune cookies and a few good stories - all for under $20.


Super H-Mart:  $18.98


  1. I have been meaning to try out the one near me, but I have been a little nervous that I would find some of the same meat/seafood items that we had to pass while shopping (and eating at the dinner buffets) in China. I seems that there are some similar items, but not too exotic or out of the ordinary for a US suburbanite.

  2. If nothing else, it was a fun field trip!

  3. Hi, this Asian Market looks great. May I ask where it is?