Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Ultimate Princess Party

I love having friends that do things better than I do.  They inspire me to improve. They inspire me to go outside my comfort zone.  They inspire me to reach beyond my realm of familiarity.  Take my "perfect" friend, Kathy, for instance.  After a visit to her meticulously decorated, immaculately clean and organized home, I am determined to keep my kitchen countertops clear for at least three or four days!  

Today, my friend's daughter, Lily, celebrates her fourth birthday.  Another perk of such a great friend?  Getting invited to awesome birthday parties!  Enjoy these pictures of, what I call, "The Ultimate Princess Party"!

Guests met at Lily's house for brief refreshments.

Each girl was given a Hello Kitty ring with lipgloss and then....

.... they were swept away in a bright pink stretch limo!

When they arrived at Sweet & Sassy, they were given the red carpet treatment!

Each little girl was assigned her own personal stylist

who worked on hair,


and nails!

Next, the Photo OP.

And dancing center stage.

A beautiful birthday cake finished off the afternoon.

Each girl went home with lipgloss, princess silly bands, a silly bands case and, of course, a princess crown.

Happy 4th Birthday, Lily!

Lily and her mom

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