Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Very Green Lunch

Forget April Fool’s.  My favorite day to prank the kids is March 17th!  I remember working undercover in the lunchroom last year so I could watch the kids open up their specially prepared lunch.  Every item was green!  First their eyes grew big and their mouths dropped open.  Then the neighboring kids leaned way over to view this strange novelty.  “Very funny, MOM!” were the words exclaimed as they secretly enjoyed the attention and actually ate the green, but tasty food.

Here’s a look at what is for lunch today:

  1. A spinach tortilla wrap (no, I don’t make them eat green meat or cheese)
  2. Green Jello with pineapple chunks
  3. Key Lime Yogurt
  4. A Granny Smith Apple
  5. One Green Juice Box
  6. And, of course, Green M&M’s

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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