Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playing Hooky

Having four kids, I sometimes find it challenging to squeeze in good quality alone time with each of them.   Except for Ella, the youngest, who covets her one-on-one afternoons before the post-carpool pandemonium begins, all the shuffling and activities seem to be done in mass groups.  Three girls strapped in the back seat, elbow to elbow (with a button pushing brother in the front seat) does not always bring out one's best behavior.  So when do I find the sweet, precious children that I love?  I find them most often when it’s just the two of us.  Arielle and I found a treasured moment last week when we played hooky.  The best part about playing hooky is knowing that you are doing something that nobody else gets to do.  While everyone else was trapped in school, we were experiencing ultimate freedom!  

Here's a look at our day in pictures.  

A legitimate appointment with Dr. Levitt.
(Congratulations to him on completing his first 1/2 marathon!)

Lunch at the American Girl Bistro.
Arielle ordered her favorite Shrimp Pasta!

The Fashionista went shopping... 

and shopping...

and still more shopping!
This dress from Gap Kids came home with us
along with summer sandals with 1" heels!

All in all, the day lived up to its expectations and I got to savor the sweetness within my growing up girl.

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