Friday, March 26, 2010

Bulloch Hall and Krispy Kreme

One of the things I like about being an SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) is the ability to go on all the school field trips.  (No, really, I’m serious about this!)  It’s like being given permission to be a spy in your child’s life.  You see how she relates to her friends, how she respects her teacher, if she’s able to pay attention to the tour guide, what she does or doesn’t eat in her lunch and if she generally seems to be enjoying her life.  It also gets me to places that I would be unlikely to venture on my own.

Bulloch Hall

Today we visited Bulloch Hall, an antebellum Greek Revival mansion built in Roswell, Georgia in1839.  Bulloch Hall was built by Major James Stephens Bulloch, a prominent planter from the coast who was invited to the new settlement by his friend, Roswell King.  Major Bulloch had six children, one of whose name was Martha “Mittie” Bulloch.  On December 22, 1853, Mittie Bulloch married a man named Theodore Roosevelt in the dining room at Bulloch Hall.  The marriage was a gala affair with people coming for many miles and staying for a week.  After their wedding, Mittie and Theodore Roosevelt moved north to New York City and then, Philadelphia.  Later, Mittie Bulloch Roosevelt became the mother of Teddy Roosevelt, Jr., the 26th President of the United States.  

It wasn't until 1905 that President Teddy Roosevelt traveled back to Bulloch Hall, the childhood home of his mother.  He was the first sitting President of the United States to visit the South since the end of the Civil War.  On October 20, 1905, President Roosevelt said, “It has been my very good fortune to have the right to claim my blood is half Southern and half Northern, and I would deny the right of any man here to feel a greater pride in the deeds of every Southerner than I feel….”

As I toured the house, I was impressed with much of their ingenuity.  The mansion was built entirely of hardwoods found on the property.  The bricks were made from stain-loving Georgia red clay.  It was built at an upward slant so as to appear even larger!  Osage orange trees were planted near the house to discourage insects.  This was apparently quite effective and Bulloch Hall claims to be "mosquito free" in the summer months!  (Why don’t I have these in my yard?)  The basement kitchen had a brick floor and housed an open hearth oven and a beehive oven (think brick oven pizzas!).   Off the kitchen was a cellar that stayed cool enough during the summer to keep ice blocks frozen, ensuring refreshing, cool summer drinks.  Mittie Bulloch even had homemade ice cream served at her wedding!

While the Bullochs lived well for their time, I was also reminded how thankful I am for living in the 21st century.  I am thankful that my husband puts on a clean shirt everyday.  I am thankful for my extra-large capacity washing machine, and I am thankful that the top causes of female death are no longer childbirth and the extra wide hoop skirt catching fire!

Of course, the 3rd grade field trip would not have been complete without a trip to Roswell’s other landmark:  the Krispy Kreme doughnut shop!

Here, Anna enjoys her first known Krispy Kreme doughnut.

Who doesn't love a field trip?

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