Monday, December 2, 2013

Advent: A Moment to Reflect

It's Cyber Monday.  That could mean one of two things.  You either took the day off of work so that your boss doesn't walk by and confiscate your credit card for indulging in on-line shopping during work hours OR you just realized that, with only 23 days left before Christmas, that there is no way, and I mean NO WAY you will ever have that giant to-do list done in time.  After a moment of panic and anxiety you wonder, how did my entire family's expectations of Christmas come to rest on MY shoulders?

Today is also the second day of Advent. I have to remind myself of this, because, while I love pinning projects and coordinating my wrapping paper and sending out hundreds of cards, it is only beneficial if my heart is in the right place. My heart needs to be open to receive The Newborn King. This is what my family needs. They need a mom that can not only set the physical stage for Christmas, but more importantly, set the spiritual stage for Christmas.

So, today, on Cyber Monday, take a moment and light candle. Find some silence in your day so that you can pause for The Silent Night. Looking for an Advent Devotional?  Try THIS ONE!

Wishing you a Season of Reflection and Joy!


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  1. I so needed your words of encouragement today. I'm feeling grinchy and irritable today for a variety of stupid reasons. Hope you are managing your lists and expectations with grace!